– Get $100 Gift Card – Melting Pot Fondue Survey Why did Fondue take the survey?

Fondue is the name of the business. After finishing the poll, you will receive a $100 USD gift certificate as a prize. There may be a poll about the Fondue that you can fill out if you go there. The research could lead to better food and service choices. Spend a few minutes filling out a poll after supper to earn discounts on future meals. - Get $100 Gift Card - Melting Pot Fondue Survey

They are curious as to whether or not their goods live up to customer expectations. Complaints about the restaurant’s cuisine, sanitation, service pace, staff behavior, and atmosphere can be voiced through the poll. - Get $100 Gift Card - Melting Pot Fondue Survey

How do you fill out the Fondue survey?

The Fondue survey can be taken in three different methods. The act of dialing a phone. The mail is used for this purpose. This is how it’s done on the web. Call us at. Call 800-598-9104 to take part in the poll. After finishing the study, you will receive an authentication code via SMS message.

Survey answers may be mailed along with the card they were written on, which may contain personally identifying information such as names, residences, phone numbers, and ages. You may choose to mail the package to PO Box 427, Macedon, New York 145020427. - Get $100 Gift Card - Melting Pot Fondue Survey

The whole thing happens in cyberspace. To take part in the poll, please go to The poll can be completed in either English or Spanish. Think about coming back on a day and time that served you well before.

Just hit “Start” when you’re ready to get started with the poll. The next few inquiries will be focused on your recent trips.

If you have finished answering all of the questions and are satisfied with your answers, click the “Submit” button. We appreciate it. - Get $100 Gift Card - Melting Pot Fondue Survey

Beneefits & Rewards

If you fill out the Fondue poll, you can get free food and other perks from the company. The prize for the vote is a $100 USD gift card or coupons. Each submission costs $100, and there are a total of 12 cards up for grabs. Please accept this Melting Pot Fondue poll as a gift if you so desire.

Guidelines for Playing Melting Pot Fondue Survey

  • You must be a lawful citizen of the United States to take part in the poll.
  • A legitimate ticket is required for this.
  • You must provide a valid email address. The poll requires participants to have at least a basic understanding of English.
  • The prize is nontransferable once it has been awarded. You have until the survey’s deadline to fill it out. The victor will be expected to cover all associated expenses.
  • The following requirements must be fulfilled in order to take part in the Fondue Restaurant Survey.
  • Get the protection code by providing your mobile phone number and other confidential details.
  • This program requires a stable online link.
  • It would be helpful if you covered the expense of the reward yourself. Your prize is not transferable. If you are too related to the survey’s creators, you won’t be able to take part. - Get $100 Gift Card - Melting Pot Fondue Survey

Regarding the Melting Pot Fondue Survey

The earliest known recipe for a modern style of cheese fondue was written in 1699 in Zurich under the title “To Cook Cheese with Wine” (Kas mit Wen zu Kochen). Encourages people to get together and dunk bread into it.

The word “cheese fondue” wasn’t used to describe a dish made with cheese and eggs until the nineteenth century. Chocolate fondue, fruit treats, and melted chocolate pieces all joined the expanding Fondue menu in the 1950s.

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Melting Pot Fondue Survey FAQs


Question – Can we take the poll online instead?

Answer – The answer is that you can participate in the online poll at

Question – Can the prize be redeemed in some way?

Answer – The advantages cannot be obtained in any other manner or through many other means. - Get $100 Gift Card - Melting Pot Fondue Survey


To learn more about our clients’ experiences, we’ve created a fondue poll. Additionally, Fondue offers its customers multiple opportunities to win and receive rewards totaling $100, such as a lucky draw. Customers who take part in the Fondue poll have a chance to receive rewards. Please fill out the Fondue poll if you’d like to receive the freebie. The main purpose of the survey is to gather responses from customers.

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